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Online & Development
Within Binck the Agile working has been intorduced. This transition has been on its way for a number of years and now most IT colleagues are working within a customer team together with the business. Within the customer team, one or more scrum teams are fully responsible for a product. The customer teams consist of developers, testers, functional designers, scrum masters and also representatives from the business.

Within the IT department there are also several other disciplines that support the customer teams. For example the engineers who work on databases, networks and the security of our platforms. But also IT professionals who provide a state of the art office automation.


Coding quite in a little room is no longer reality. In the morning at the stand-up you will discuss with your colleagues from the scrum team what you are going to work on and which issues you have resolved. Good cooperation is important to solve the complex challenges of our products. Together, you are stronger. But you also discuss with the different business departments what the customer really wants. And what has priority? At Binck work many talented developers because of the extra challenge they experience in a complex and real-time environment.


Binck is actually an IT company, we design and build our products ourselves. As a result, many disciplines are represented within the IT department. This is the ideal basis for being able to grow within our IT organization. Depending on your personal qualities, you can further develop into a specialist in your area of expertise, or you can move to another area with new challenges. The choice is yours, we will help you with that.
Michiel van Rossum - Scrum Master/Agile coach
The greatest thing about working at Binck is that you get a lot of opportunities and freedom to develop yourself. Everybody is really accessible, which makes it easier to show the real you.

Due to technically challenging work and the informal atmosphere with colleagues, working at Binck is attractive to me. At this moment, I am a Scrum Master/Agile Coach for two customer teams.