Data, Proces & Control

We measure, test and draw substantiated conclusions so that we can take informed decisions.
We are data driven. The departments that analyze our data and thereby determine risks have an important role within Binck. They ensure that we make the right decisions based on figures.
Data; measuring is knowing
We make decisions based on figures. We measure, test and draw substantiated conclusions so that we can take well-founded decisions. The Business Intelligence department is an important pillar to provide the organization with reliable data.

Process; working on 'operational excellence'

One of the most important pillars within Binck is operational excellence. Whether we see an opportunity for improvement and use a project-based approach, or solve bottlenecks in processes. We dispose of chains of "waste" and ensure shared interests and priorities. Of course, we also pay attention to time and affordability. In this way we optimize the services provided by BinckBank and contribute to a bank that works LEAN, becomes even more agile and is ready for the future.

Control; The bridge between regulation and our business

Always wanting to do the right thing is of course a nice goal. But actually doing it, is not that easy. The requirements of regulators are constantly changing and becoming increasingly complex.

Governance Risk & Compliance not only has a prescribing and controlling function, but also an advisory role. We regularly discuss sustainable product development, unambiguous regulations and corporate responsibility. Because the assessment of risks is becoming increasingly complex, Binck has opted for an integrated risk management strategy. All Binck employees must clearly understand the risks within their field of activity. And to act unconditionally, every day. You work not only with colleagues from Risk Management, but with employees from across the bank.
Anna Wilting
The greatest thing about working at Binck is the dynamic atmosphere; not a day is the same. Within Binck you don't only work on common goals, but also on developing yourself.

Last year, I made a promotion from the HR department to the Business Intelligence team within the department of Enterprise Data & Analytics. As a BI Analyst, I collect data and I make analyses on several data sources.