Customer contact

We believe that both the products and the service we offer should be of an unprecedented level. Is service and customer focus in your blood and do you have affinity with investing? Then you are at the right place!

Online & Development

Our customers use our website to place through an trading platform an order on the stock market within a split second. Do you also focus on the user to come up with innovative solutions? Then you will find the challenge you are looking for!

Data, Proces & Control

We are a data driven organization. With this data we monitor our processes and optimize our systems. Whether you are a 'Data cruncher' or a specialist on Risk, we offer you an environment where you can really make a difference!

Working at Binck

We are proud of who we are. We are hands-on, do not have a meeting culture and like to surprise our customers with a high quality service. You get a lot of responsibility and exceptional performance will not stay unnoticed. By the way we operate, you get acquainted with many disciplines, even outside your field of study. This makes Binck diverse and also gives you opportunities to grow.

Sports & Fun

Our friday afternoon drink with an 'Octoberfest' theme.
Annual Binck party
At our annual Binck party we had the theme 'Las vegas'. A great moment to toast together with your colleagues on all successes achieved!
The teachers were on strike, so 5 October was Binck Kids Day! What a wonderful day. Over sixty cheerful little Binckies in the office in our pop-up childcare. Children happy, parents happy!